Smart guidance leads to a strong business foundation.

Legal Cannabis Industry Experts Increasing Your Odds of Success

Providing support across multiple disciplines, we develop strategies that help you make the cut, ensuring your business is on a strong foundation; technically primed and strategically competitive, while supporting your vision with experienced operators and tactics.

Electrum Partners offers a wide array of business strategy services for companies and entrepreneurs in the legal cannabis industry. Not only do we have a team with the utmost industry expertise, the company has been heavily involved in advising cannabis policy and legalization on a global level. It advises and guides management of companies in the industry in exchange for an equity interest in such companies and/or cash or other compensation. Its primary, but not exclusive, focus is to support initiatives intended to increase shareholder value and provide paths to liquidity for client companies.

Electrum Partners engages clients within the cannabis industry and earns revenue in multiple ways in maintaining strong client relationships. We offers advisory services, strategic partnership sales and M&A advisory services with the goal of shaping a successful, profitable, compliant cannabis market. The leadership team has vast expertise in the cannabis and finance industries to help support such services. Additionally, this expertise extends through their professional networks.

Our Services

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Strategic Business Planning & Operations
  • Corporate Structure
  • Corporate Finance Advisory
  • Business Development
  • Licensing Application Strategy
  • Policy Research & Government Affairs
  • New Market Discovery
  • Strategic Networking

Interested in our Strategic Advisory Services?

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