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Increase Your Odds of Success with the Guidance and Support of Experienced Industry Professionals

Electrum Partners offers a wide array of business strategy services for companies and entrepreneurs in the legal cannabis industry. For those seeking capital, we provide critical guidance on how to best position your company to achieve a successful raise. This includes a thorough review of your corporate structure, financial models, capital stack, business strategy and marketing approach to your customer audience.

To be a high performing company, you need high performance processes. Partnering with you, we determine what will move your organization toward increased productivity, exceptional teamwork and a higher valuation. We look at the whole organization so that everything moves in unison in the right direction. We also understand that each company is different with challenges specific to their vertical.

Our Approach

We value each business relationship and take a hands-on approach with all of our clients. Our leadership team has the right combination of expertise in the cannabis and finance industries to meet the needs of companies navigating the emerging legal cannabis marketplace. This expertise includes investment banking, public markets, corporate compliance, government policy making and much more. Further, our resources do not reside solely within our company walls but extend to our vast network of professional associates, providing critical industry contacts and a wealth of practical, real-world knowledge for our clients.

Plug into the Electrum Network

Once thoroughly prepared and vetted, we provide introductions to our network of fund managers, family offices and list of high net worth individual investors. Savvy entrepreneurs will appreciate the attention to detail and critical time saved by meeting with interested parties that match their specific investment profile. By being selective on the opportunities we present and the investors we approach, we maintain the trust and satisfaction of both our clients and our investment partners.

Market Makers

The importance of State regulatory compliance and being in complete alignment with State policy makers cannot be overstated. Our service spans State-based relationships, strategies and outcomes, as well as National strategies that grow out of relationships with key national policymakers and government affairs networks and influencers. We work with key decision makers to build the foundational frameworks from which local laws and State policies are based on.


Electrum Partners advises and guides management of companies in the industry in exchange for an equity interest in client companies and/or cash or other compensation. Its primary, but not exclusive, focus is to support initiatives intended to increase shareholder value and provide paths to liquidity for client companies.

Finding the Exit

As a guidepost, we lean towards steering clients towards public markets when possible for the value that a liquidity event presents the investors.



To meet the needs of our diverse client base we offer the following business services:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Strategic Business Planning & Operations
  • Corporate Structure
  • Corporate Finance Advisory
  • Business Development
  • Licensing Application Strategy
  • Policy Research & Government Affairs
  • New Market Discovery
  • Strategic Networking

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