April 10, 2021 Admin

State of the Industry Address by Leslie Bocskor at Canna World Expo April 2021

CANNA WORLD EXPO is honored to have cannabis industry policy maker, Leslie Bocskor – Chairman of Electrum Partners, deliver the April State of the Industry address. His vast knowledge of the global industry from finance to executive leadership and operations is a valuable resource as we venture forth into Q2 of 2021. Denise Mahaffey and Jessica Chandler co-host, moderated by Charles Horton.

Partial list of topics discussed:

  • Change as a theme
  • Pandemic impact
  • Technology
  • Comparison to other industries
  • Medical and veterinary applications
  • Hemp versus other industrial materials
  • Largest negative carbon industry on Earth
  • De-scheduling of Cannabis
  • Potential public market numbers
  • Q&A