November 7, 2020 Admin

State of the Cannabis Industry Address by Leslie Bocskor at Canna World Expo November 2020

Leslie Bocskor addresses the State of the Cannabis Industry at Canna World Expo in an online conference broadcast November 7, 2020 with topics ranging from the history of the cannabis plant to what operators and investors should be doing in the industry. Denise Mahaffey and Jessica Chandler co-host.

Partial list of topics:

  • Personal background
  • History of the cannabis plant
  • US status today relative to Federal policy
  • International status, Mexico, US tipping point
  • US de-scheduling prediction
  • Drug development narrative
  • Agriculture and technology innovations
  • Transition from black market to regulated market
  • Hemp opportunities
  • The largest carbon negative industry that the world has ever seen
  • What should we be doing as investors and operators?