August 8, 2020 Admin

Canna World Expo State of the Industry address with Leslie Bocskor

Leslie Bocskor speaking on the State of the Industry at Canna World Expo in an online conference broadcast August 8, 2020 with topics ranging from the transition of humanity to biofuel infrastructure issues. Leslie asks that you take his virtual hand, and cross over into the future of the cannabis industry, and business in general and create the world we all want to live in. Co-hosts Denise Mahaffey and Jessica Chandler, and moderator Tasha Jackson join in for the discussion.

Partial list of topics discussed:

  • Transition of humanity and the evolution of business, social and cultural perspectives
  • Chaos and opportunity
  • Culture of intention
  • Pandemic increased opportunities
  • Potential industries
  • De-scheduling
  • Business opportunities
  • Biofuel infrastructure issues