March 19, 2018 Admin

Interview with Leslie Bocskor President of Electrum Partners

Leslie Bocskor, President of Electrum Partners discusses a variety of topics related to legalized cannabis in an interview by the Wealth Research Group. Audio interview published on the Wealth Research Group YouTube channel. Discussion topics include:

  • Government and the cannabis industry
  • The transition to Adult Use
  • California legalizing cannabis
  • Socioeconomic benefits to the US economy
  • Top five products in the cannabis sector
  • Demographics of cannabis users

Regarding prohibition, Mr. Bocskor addresses complex issues related to the stigma associated with cannabis due to misinformation and propaganda. He points out that historically, the efforts put forth to stigmatize the plant eventually led to regulatory policies that in turn created the foundation for Federal prohibition. Mr. Bocskor goes on to say that the benefits for dropping prohibition are numerous and that as States have begun to legalize medical and adult use cannabis, it has had a positive impact on a number of levels. Specifically, legalization:

  • Reduces the black market and the violent crimes associated with trafficking
  • Removes it from the hands of kids
  • Reduces the capital outflow to cartels and criminal organizations
  • Allows the US to capture the money and formulate a new marketplace which creates jobs and generates tax revenue that is used to fund local law enforcement, substance abuse counseling, education and more.
  • Additionally, legalization and regulation lessen the burden on the US Justice System from incarcerating thousands of people a year, saving expenditures that can add up to billions of dollars spent annually. In the event of Federal legalization, the US government would be able to reallocate those funds to more pressing needs and public projects. Finally, a hidden societal and economic benefit for reduced incarceration is more people leading productive lives, fewer broken homes and in general, more people working in the US economy, which boosts State and Federal tax coffers even further.

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